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    Inspired by the Acts story of how the early church shared with each other, these young people baked cookies to raise money for the MCC Christmas Giving Projects. Read more about their Cookie sale in the “Cookies for Wells and Livestock” Post below.
  • Covenant Mennonite Church

    Covenant is a group of people from many backgrounds and with many different interests. We are convinced that the God made known to us in Jesus Christ is the God of freedom and grace. We celebrate that grace, seeking new ways to be faithful to the call of Jesus Christ to “Follow me.” Come and see for yourself!
  • Seekers on a Journey

    “Believing is a daring adventure into the unseen, it is a radiant faith in the unexplored, the undiscovered, the miracles of the future…Believe in the limitless supply of God’s goodness.” Wilfred A. Peterson
  • Not Conforming . . . but Being Transformed

    “Life is not a level, smooth path, but rather a series of hills and valleys. There are times spent on the mountain top, when everything seems clear and perfect. Then there are those times when we feel like we’re wandering around in a dark cavern, feeling our way along and trusting God for every step of faith.” Anonymous

Welcome to Covenant Mennonite Church

We invite you to join us for our Sunday worship services, our spiritual-formation classes (Covenant Connection), and a variety of fun social gatherings.

At Covenant, we picture ourselves as “seekers on the journey of faith” and that journey is an extraordinary one. It leads through the upside-down kingdom of Jesus, where down is up, the last shall be first, and our King is a servant who suffers on our behalf and restores order to the chaos of our world.

As with all spiritual journeys, this one may bring challenges and set-backs, but we are mindful of Jesus’ promise—“Seek and you will find” (Matthew 7:7). Guided by God’s word, we find strength for this journey in the love and support of our companions.

Whether you are an early quester or an experienced pilgrim, you are welcome to travel with our fellowship, looking forward to that day of arrival when we all hear those holy words of hospitality: “You are well come.”


Monster Cookie Raises $170 for MCC Projects

Monday, January 22, 2018

by Beth Giesbrecht

This Christmas season our Sunday school class and the younger class had a cookie bake sale to raise money for MCC.  We had four types of cookies for sale:  chocolate chip, oatmeal-raisin, m & m, and ginger snap.  The sale was really by donation, but it ended with an auction for a giant cookie that raised $170.  In total, we raised $2,684.25, thanks to all the support from people in our church.  …

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