Monster Cookie Raises $170 for MCC Projects

by Beth Giesbrecht

This Christmas season our Sunday school class and the younger class had a cookie bake sale to raise money for MCC.  We had four types of cookies for sale:  chocolate chip, oatmeal-raisin, m & m, and ginger snap.  The sale was really by donation, but it ended with an auction for a giant cookie that raised $170.  In total, we raised $2,684.25, thanks to all the support from people in our church.  The money will be used for clean water projects and education for new mothers and their newborns.


Cookies, Coffee and Music

by Rochelle Drudge

It’s beautiful to see kids getting excited about helping people.  There’s a contagious energy present in the mix of kids eager about giving and adults showing generosity that in turn makes the kids more enthusiastic and the adults more willing to give.  This is what it felt like to be in the Covenant Church basement after the service on Nov. 19th.  

The Covenant children had baked several batches of cookies and were sharing them, plus juice and coffee, with the congregation while inviting donations towards several MCC giving projects.  One large cookie was saved and auctioned off for $170 – a definite highlight of the afternoon! 

Several of the kids also took turns playing their violins while the snack was being enjoyed. 

The mission’s committee and Covenant kids have partnered together this year in encouraging the congregation to support several MCC giving projects – projects that provide food, clean water, stoves, (list other projects) etc. to a few of the many people around the world who are longing for these basic needs.   Thanks to all who have contributed!